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chore(deps): update dependency webpack to v5.92.1

Renovate requested to merge renovate/webpack-5.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
webpack devDependencies minor 5.91.0 -> 5.92.1

Release Notes

webpack/webpack (webpack)


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Bug Fixes

  • Doesn't crash with an error when the css experiment is enabled and contenthash is used


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Bug Fixes

  • Correct tidle range's comutation for module federation
  • Consider runtime for pure expression dependency update hash
  • Return value in the subtractRuntime function for runtime logic
  • Fixed failed to resolve promise when eager import a dynamic cjs
  • Avoid generation extra code for external modules when remapping is not required
  • The css/global type now handles the exports name
  • Avoid hashing for @keyframe and @property at-rules in css/global type
  • Fixed mangle with destructuring for JSON modules
  • The stats.hasWarnings() method now respects the ignoreWarnings option
  • Fixed ArrayQueue iterator
  • Correct behavior of __webpack_exports_info__.a.b.canMangle
  • Changed to the correct plugin name for the CommonJsChunkFormatPlugin plugin
  • Set the chunkLoading option to the import when environment is unknown and output is module
  • Fixed when runtimeChunk has no exports when module chunkFormat used
  • [CSS] Fixed parsing minimized CSS import
  • [CSS] URLs in CSS files now have correct public path
  • [CSS] The css module type should not allow parser to switch mode
  • [Types] Improved context module types

New Features

  • Added platform target properties to compiler
  • Improved multi compiler cache location and validating it
  • Support import attributes spec (with keyword)
  • Support node: prefix for Node.js core modules in runtime code
  • Support prefetch/preload for module chunk format
  • Support "..." in the importsFields option for resolver
  • Root module is less prone to be wrapped in IIFE
  • Export InitFragment class for plugins
  • Export compileBooleanMatcher util for plugins
  • Export InputFileSystem and OutputFileSystem types
  • [CSS] Support the esModule generator option for CSS modules
  • [CSS] Support CSS when chunk format is module


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