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chore(deps): update dependency webpack to v5.90.3

Renovate requested to merge renovate/webpack-5.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
webpack devDependencies minor 5.89.0 -> 5.90.3

Release Notes

webpack/webpack (webpack)


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Bug Fixes

  • don't mangle when destructuring a reexport
  • types for Stats.toJson() and Stats.toString()
  • many internal types
  • [CSS] clean up export css local vars


  • simplify and optimize chunk graph creation


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Bug Fixes

  • use Math.imul in fnv1a32 to avoid loss of precision, directly hash UTF16 values
  • the setStatus() of the HMR module should not return an array, which may cause infinite recursion
  • shouldn't always same as default
  • mangle export with destructuring
  • use new runtime to reconsider skipped connections activeState
  • make dynamic import optional in try/catch
  • improve auto publicPath detection

Dependencies & Maintenance

  • improve CI setup and include Node.js@21


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Bug Fixes

  • set unmanagedPaths in defaults
  • correct preOrderIndex and postOrderIndex
  • add fallback for MIME mismatch error in async wasm loading
  • browsers versions of ECMA features


  • optimize compareStringsNumeric
  • optimize numberHash using 32-bit FNV1a for small ranges, 64-bit for larger
  • reuse VM context across webpack magic comments


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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inner graph for classes
  • Optimized RemoveParentModulesPlugin via bigint arithmetic
  • Fixed worklet detection in production mode
  • Fixed an error for cyclic importModule
  • Fixed types for Server and Dirent
  • Added the fetchPriority to hmr runtime's ensureChunk function
  • Don't warn about dynamic import for build dependencies
  • External module generation respects the output.environment.arrowFunction option
  • Fixed consumimng shared runtime module logic
  • Fixed a runtime logic of multiple chunks
  • Fixed destructing assignment of dynamic import json file
  • Passing errors array for a module hash
  • Added /*#__PURE__*/ to generated JSON.parse()
  • Generated a library manifest after clean plugin
  • Fixed non amd externals and amd library
  • Fixed a bug in SideEffectsFlagPlugin with namespace re-exports
  • Fixed an error message for condition or
  • The strictModuleErrorHandling is now working
  • Clean up child compilation chunk graph to avoid memory leak
  • [CSS] - Fixed CSS import prefer relative resolution
  • [CSS] - Fixed CSS runtime chunk loading error message

New Features

  • Allow to set false for dev server in webpack.config.js
  • Added a warning for async external when not supported
  • Added a warning for async module when not supported
  • Added the node-module option for the node.__filename/__dirname and enable it by default for ESM target
  • Added the snapshot.unmanagedPaths option
  • Exposed the MultiCompilerOptions type
  • [CSS] - Added CSS parser options to enable/disable named exports
  • [CSS] - Moved CSS the exportsOnly option to CSS generator options

Dependencies & Maintenance

  • use node.js LTS version for lint
  • bump actions/cache from 3 to 4
  • bump prettier from 3.2.1 to 3.2.3
  • bump assemblyscript
  • bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4

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