Commit 4ac200f4 authored by Zandor Smith's avatar Zandor Smith 💻

+ Added Metrics and register commands.

parent 7691a9a5
package com.zandor300.rekitrequest;
import com.zandor300.rekitrequest.commands.RekitRequestCommand;
import com.zandor300.zsutilities.commandsystem.CommandManager;
import com.zandor300.zsutilities.utilities.Chat;
import org.mcstats.Metrics;
* Created by Zandor on 3/23/15.
......@@ -21,6 +26,25 @@ public class RekitRequest extends JavaPlugin {
public void onEnable() {
chat.sendConsoleMessage("Setting things up...");
plugin = this;
chat.sendConsoleMessage("Sending metrics...");
try {
new Metrics(this).start();
chat.sendConsoleMessage("Submitted stats to");
} catch (IOException e) {
chat.sendConsoleMessage("Couldn't submit stats to");
chat.sendConsoleMessage("Registering commands...");
CommandManager cm = new CommandManager();
cm.registerCommand(new RekitRequestCommand(), this);
chat.sendConsoleMessage("Registered commands.");
chat.sendConsoleMessage("Things are setup!");
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